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Sep 01, 2009 · There is no possible way yet to recover data from a ps3 formatted hard drive. The data is encrypted in a way that only the ps3 that formatted it can read the data. This is why psplus online backups are crucial if you don't want to lose game saves and other ps3 related content. I own a HP Pavilion Entertainment Laptop, model DV7-2230sa (P/N VP999EA#ABU) and I was wondering if it was at all possible to connect my Playstation3 console via a HDMI cable into the HDMI port so that I can use the Laptop as a monitor? I have already tried connecting a HDMI cable to the Laptop bu I already have my Dualshock PS3 controller hooked up to my Laptop via USB, but are there any good guides or ways to make the PC/Laptop recognize the PS3 controller, without the controller being connected to a usb port? Apr 30, 2008 · maximum HDMi ports on desktops and Laptops are output in basic terms. comparable ingredient is going for video reveal gadgets with HDMi ports. the only way i be attentive to of is to get Dazzler Platinum or a HD PVR. they're costly, even nonetheless it quite is between the few information on a thank you to get HD high quality of an Xbox or PS3 onto your pc. Feb 14, 2009 · You can, however, take a usb hard drive and connect both your ps3 and your pc to it. There are usb drives that are made specifically for this kind of use, usually used by businesses and they tend to be called "drive F" on the network. You can make a shared partition on one that both the ps3 and pc can recognize. Dec 10, 2007 · just got ps3currently playing call of duty 4..i wanna play online.the only internet i have is a sierra wireless air cardfrom sprint .i get internet anywhere i i wanna know if i can hook up the ps3 to the laptop and use the internet from my laptop to play in the online mode on the ps3

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You don't the laptop HDMI is to connect to a HDTV and so is the PS3 HDMI. Even if you plugged both into the HDTV you would not get a connection between them. The laptop may also be able to connect Gaming How-To: Connect Your PS3 to a PC Monitor | VariableGHz Jun 29, 2010

Feb 03, 2010 · Up next How to use laptop or computer as a screen for your Playstation 4 - Duration: 3:21. EnerG How to play Xbox 360/PS3 and Xbox One on Laptop (HD/60FPS) - Duration: 3:31.

Well, you ask “How do I connect the PS3 to the laptop using the HDMI port?” This question could have several possible meanings, so I will take the time out of my day to answer each of them individually.