Viewing releases on an RSS feed. To view the releases for an RSS feed, click on the feed. Alternatively, click on "All Feeds." You can also view multiple feeds at once by holding Ctrl and clicking multiple feeds, or even combine releases and your torrents by clicking on a feed and a label or category for loaded torrents.

Oct 14, 2006 · If you use an email application like Thunderbird with RSS support you can directly add the feed in there. If not, you can try a feed-to-email service that will forward the latest torrents to your Jan 25, 2008 · Generally speaking with public torrents you could use [showRSS] ( for TV & something like KAT's own RSS feed for general torrents (TV, movie, music, ebook, etc.). This guide will cover how to manually download torrents from RSS feeds, and how to set up ruTorrent to automatically download torrents. To begin you will need to add an RSS feed to ruTorrent. These feeds vary by site, so you will have to discover them yourself. The feed will have to have direct download links, and ideally won't require cookies. Written media RSS feeds are those you would find on a news outlet, blog, or some other written content. The other type of RSS feed is for audio such as podcasts, music, or audiobooks. With a website’s RSS feed, you can add the address to an RSS feed reader to receive a daily digest of the latest content released by your favorite outlets Jun 25, 2010 · Paste the copied RSS feed into the “Feed URL” box. Optionally, you can add a “Custom Alias”.This is useful if you have a lot of RSS Feeds. If you wish to choose the individual files to download (and not have uTorrent do it automatically) select “Do not automatically download all items”. Torrent clients like qBittorrent can filter RSS downloads based on keywords or regex so that's probably a good start. The old KAT site used to have impressive RSS feed creation & filtering in the RSS feed itself. SkyTorrents had some of that as well. unfortunately both are gone.

Copy the RSS feed address. • In uTorrent, right click on ‘Feeds’ (in the left window directory list). • Select ‘Add RSS Feed…’ from the pop-up context menu. Select ‘Edit RSS Feed…’ to update the feed with new information. • Paste the copied RSS feed address into the ‘Feed URL:’ box. • Check the ‘Custom Alias’ box and enter the name of the TV show.

A couple days back I noticed that my RSS feeds werent updating any more. I updated to the latest version of uTorrent and still nothing. Ive tried editing rss.dat, deleting rss.dat.. deleting the feeds and resubscribing. Nothing, nada, zip. Please help. Any thoughts/suggestions/help would be great uTorrent's features speak for themselves: download multiple files simultaneously, limit the consumption of global bandwidth and bandwidth per torrent, fast recovery of interrupted downloads, and so on. Additionally, uTorrent supports RSS feed download and syndication, or the ability to subscribe to feeds specializing in downloading certain

uTorrent Web quit unexpectedly. Can't play audio or video in Safari ** will damage your computer. You should move it to the Trash. Trending 10.

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