Chronogolf is now Lightspeed. Used by over 850 golf courses worldwide and supported by the same team of passionate golfers, your favourite golf course management system is now powered by Lightspeed

LightSpeed internet has the highest standard residential internet speed in the nation at the lowest price. The increased standard speed is in response to the demands of households with multiple internet enabled devices – with more and more content being delivered through video streaming, gaming, telemedicine, online education, and telecommuting. Lightspeed Voice Lightspeed Voice is a VoIP, cloud-based IP telephony provider, founded in 2009 to provide the insurance industry with reliable VoIP and client relationship management (CRM) solutions. Enjoy the communication features of a Fortune 500 company while reducing your … Internet Lightspeed | Better Business Bureau® Profile Internet Lightspeed invests in establishing long-term customers such as yourself to eventually make us profitable as a business. LightSpeed Technologies | Internet Provider | Jul 14, 2020

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When a customer places an order on your online store and pays for the order using their credit card, Lightspeed eCom will first request a payment pre-authorization through Lightspeed Payments for the order amount. By default, once the pre-authorization is successful Lightspeed Payments captures the payment automatically. Lightspeed provides Absurd Bird managers with extra visibility on shifts and sales no matter where they are. Read the story Centralised inventory management by Lightspeed helps Papillon Living provide consistent customer service online and in-store. Block internet access for: Temporarily block the user from continued web access for X number of minutes. (Default is 15 minutes. Maximum is 60 minutes. Set to 0 to alert only and not block.) Best Practice: For testing, set to 0 in order to alert only and then set Lockouts for Porn and Gambling. Alert Only

Lightspeed Home Fibre

Lightspeed provides industry relevant webinars, news updates, research capabilities, and education to enable our clients to be the best trade traders possible. Risk Management Whether we are acting as your broker or service bureau we have the right risk management software to help you oversee your positions and risk at all times. Lightspeed Uncapped Fibre The Cybersmart Lightspeed Fibre Optic Internet service provides your business with world class internet at 100Mbps or faster at an affordable price. Cybersmart Lightspeed Fibre Optic Internet is now also available to selected neighbourhoods at competitive prices.